An Introduction to Pepper Varieties

October 17, 2021 , Spices

If you are looking for a good ingredient for chili, consider adding “pepper” to the list. This spicy and aromatic ingredient is a major component of a number of world famous chili recipes. Not only is it used to add taste and heat to foods, but it has also been proven to have certain medicinal properties. Here we will look at some of those properties and why adding it to your diet may be a wise move.

Most people associate “hot” peppers with the classic “Pico de gallo”. The capsicum (capsaicin) found in this pepper is what produces the piquant flavor in this well-known condiment. The bell pepper, also of the Capsicum genus is the fruit of Ornamental trees in the family Allicinaceae. The plants of this family produce fruit in various colors, from red, green, yellow, orange, and eventually purple. Bell peppers can also be grouped with other less pungent spicy varieties such as “Sweet peppers”, “Capsicum frutescens”, and “Piper nigrum”.

When picking out a pepper for use in recipes, choose one with a high heat tolerance, as these are considered the most hot of all the pepper species. The species of P. hotwana produces fruit that has a more mild and sweet flavor. It is often used as a spice in Mexican dishes or blended with other ingredients for making salsa. Other commonly used piquant peppers include the genus Solanaceae, which includes aubergines, boquettes, angustifolia, annatto, burdock, chevre, hollandaise, jamaica, ketchup, lemon, manzanita, oregano, peppercorns, rosemary, santolina, and sweet pothos.